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quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2007

The Basset As A Pet
Many people ask, "Is a basset the right pet for me?" Ownership of any pet must be taken very seriously. They are not disposable. You keep them for life. Please take a moment to also read
General Basset Information and Basset Health for additional consideration!
For some more personal observations on being owned by a bassetplease check out
What's Basset??
Here are just a few commonly asked questions when thinking about being owned by a Basset...
Does the Basset make a good pet?? The Basset Hound is one of the best dogs available for a family to love. They are extremely tolerant and will love every member of your family. They are a very gentle, sweet, loyal and affectionate. They can also be very stubborn! Because of this stubborn streak a good obedience training program is strongly suggested! They get along well with other pets. They are not an aggressive watchdog but will learn to give a deep bark as a warning if praised when sounding off. Otherwise, they will accept visitors with a sniff and return to a favorite corner. The Basset Hound is a versatile pet who will play with children, make a skilled hunter, and sit by their owner's side during quiet times. A word of warning! It is necessary to watch small children around a basset. Because of their size bassets seem to the the perfect dog to ride! Because a basset is so long the weight of even a small child can cause great harm to their back!
How big does a Basset get?? The Basset is not a small dog! They often get bigger than many people think. They are typically classified as a medium sized breed. The male Basset Hound at maturity usually weighs between 55 and 75 pounds, and stands 12-, to not more than 15-inches tall at the shoulder. They are a big dog on short legs. The female is usually about 10 pounds lighter and 1-inch or so shorter than the male. It is not uncommon for a basset to reach nearly 100 pounds. Definitely a large breed in this case!
What is the general temperament of the Basset hound?? Bassets were bred as pack dogs. Because of this they tend to get along well with other dogs. Males and females typically relate well to one another. They are not an aggressive breed. Many basset owners report that their dog believes it is s lap dog. They love to cuddle and be close to their owners!
How active are basset hounds?? You will more than likely see a basset snoozing the day away on their favorite couch or in a sunny spot on the floor. Do not let this fool you! Bassets love to play and interact with both people and other dogs. They love to have chew toys and may even stash them about the house and yard. They are notorious dumpster divers...your garbage can may not be safe! Anything on the counter top or table is considered fair game to many bassets. They can stretch to amazing lengths!! When this happens to you...you have fallen victim to the counter cruiser! Bassets love being outdoors and enjoy walks with their owners. It is important to never leave a basset unattended in an unfenced area or off leash. They are wanderers that are not very good at finding their way home. Once they find a scent they are gone...
Do Bassets drool?? Do they shed?? Yes and yes! Many bassets drool. Males tend to drool more than females. Anxiety and excitement can create more drool. It is common place to visit the home of a basset owner and see drool stains on the ceiling! They can sling drool an amazing distance! It is important to note that some bassets are dry-mouthed and there is a huge varying degree of drooling ranges depending on each basset! It is important to keep their coat under their chins dry and clean to avoid yeast infections (as well as smell)! Bassets are short haired dogs, yet they do shed. It is a good idea to groom them regularly with a "hound mitt." This keeps the shedding a little more under control. A good vacuum is also a must!
Are basset hounds hard to train?? Because basset hounds typically do not excel in obedience, they are sometimes considered less intelligent than other breeds. They are actually highly intelligent, but they possess an independent nature and low desire to please their owners. Basset hounds are VERY STUBBORN! They do tend to respond well to food rewards. When looking for an obedience trainer seek out a trainer that believes in training with positive food reinforcement. They are also fairly hard to housetrain. This can sometimes take up to several months to accomplish. Consistency is the key! Many owners have found that using a crate is a desirable method of training.
A Guide To Happy Housetraining is one of many resources for house breaking a puppy or older dog.

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